Yevgeniy Khavkin, MD

Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin, Neurosurgeon

Yevgeniy Khavkin grew up in Moscow, Russia. He followed in the footsteps of his mother who was a pediatric surgeon. Yevgeniy started medical school at age 16.

Yevgeniy Khavkin in medical school in Moscow, Russia
Mother of Yevgeniy Khavkin performing a surgery in Moscow, Russia

When his family moved to the United States, he transferred to the University of Chicago School of medicine. Subsequently he graduated from the Neurosurgery Residency at the University of Chicago and completed complex spine fellowship at the Johns Hopkins University.

Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Pritzker School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Northwestern University

Dr. Khavkin then spent several years as the Director of Neurosurgery Spine Service at the Northwestern University in Chicago before moving to Las Vegas and starting Khavkin Clinic, a multidisciplinary practice which includes several surgical specialties.

Dr. Yevgeniy Khavkin has been actively involved in international humanitarian work for more than 15 years, contributing to improving medical care in several counties.

Jewish Healthcare International
Eagle Condor International

He has been a board member in Firefly and MiraMed doing humanitarian work in the orphanages in Russia, Jewish Healthcare International in Belarus as well as Eagle Condor International in Peru.

Doctors, brothers and Helping Hands Surgical Care volunteers

For over a decade Dr. Khavkin has contributed to the international charity work and more recently medical charity work in Las Vegas as a part of Helping Hands Surgical Care.

Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin doing international charity work
Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin doing international charity work
Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin doing international charity work

As a well known expert in the treatment of spine disorders nationally and internationally, Dr. Khavkin has been involved in educating spine surgeons in the US and abroad for over 15 years.

Russian American Medical Association

Dr. Khavkin is a Past President of Russian American Medical Association, an organization that focuses on education and promoting superb medical care in the US and Russian Speaking Countries.

Since moving to Las Vegas 5 years ago, he also has developed a busy international medical tourism practice, bringing patients to Las Vegas from different parts of the world.

Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin performs unique surgical procedure
Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin performs rare surgery (September 17, 2010)
Local mom undergoes 8 hour surgery to remove spinal tumor (Channel 13)

During this time of living in Las Vegas, he has performed a number of unique surgical procedures. Some of them are extremely rare and complex and were done for the first time in the state of Nevada.

Dr Yevgeniy Khavkin currently is Chairman, Department of Surgery at Southern Hills Hospital, Director, Spine and Neurosurgery Service at Spring Valley Hospital and also Director, Spine and Neurosurgery Service Centennial Hills Hospital.

Southern Hills Hospital
Spring Valley Hospital
Centennial Hills Hospital

Dr. Khavkin’s wife, Dr. Jeannie Khavkin, is an ENT/Facial Plastic surgeon who is a part of Khavkin Clinic. They enjoy spending time with their children and family as well as traveling.